Yes! I'm Shan. You got me :)

a Designer, Developer and a DJ

What I Do?

hmm... it depends. :D no i'm kidding. there are few services i provide. you'll find it more descriptive below.

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Web Designing

This is where I started my career 8 years ago in 2008. Hard working and continues studying brough me up to where I am right now. Many happy clients. Unique designs. I'll never stop designing and helping my clients to grow up their businesses.

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Web Developing

It was a dream. But I made it true. It's all about algorithms & security. Data become the most sensitive thing nowadays. What I do is helping my clients to store those sensitive data in a secure way and get the best out of it.

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Yes. That's my hobby and I love music a lot. In my childhood I was in love with oriental music and for the time being I ended up with EDM. Not planning to do it as the profession. But I'll keep mixing as long as I can.


DINE is a resturant management system and it keeps track of sales & inventory. Its web based so you can login to it from anywhere using any device connected to internet. No installation needed and you can use the app with very basic knowledge. It also comes with a report generator. You can manage tables and stewards can have hand held device to take orders.

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My Works

here you can find my latest works. but not all. please visit my blog or facebook page for more projects.


your success is my key to happiness

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T-Sips Tealisious
Wellawaya Road, Ella 90090

Phone: +94 77 842 8833